Will I be mine !!!

Well, it's that time of year again when we celebrate Valentine's Day. Some people enjoy this day and well, some of us plain hate it. I, for one, enjoy Valentine's Day. For me it always seems to open the world up to it being OK, to be loving and kind to the people around us, to the people who are close to us, and just to people in general.

It can be a challenge to see Valentine's Day this way. Especially if you do not care for, and struggle to love, yourself. I have had people tell me they see it as a day of wasted money, wasted presents, even wasted love; especially if that love is not returned to them.

The reason I say it is hard for people who struggle in loving themselves is because for a time I did not love myself either. I really despised myself, even loathed myself. But when I finally came to realize that loving myself was allowed, and that loving myself meant I have value, I have worth It got easier. I realize that people reading this may not see themselves that way. They may not see their worth or their value. If this is you, I would encourage you to try something different today, something you wouldn’t normally do. It has been proposed to try to be 1% better today than you were yesterday. I know this can seem stupid and trivial but, try it, are you not worth a 1% change. If you can’t do a 1% change, try even a .5% change, a .2% change. Change something, take your power back. Try to move toward your enoughness (that may be a Luc word, but you know what I mean), not someone else’s. If you start to see and believe your enough then, guess what? You are enough.

There was an interesting quote by Martin Luther King “the only real power we have is the power of choice”. So, if we can look at choosing to love ourselves 1% more, choosing to see we are 1 percent more then enough more than we did yesterday that will make an enormous difference in your life I know it did in mine.

What would happen if you realized or believed at your core that there is nothing wrong with you? I mean, of course, we all have stuff to work on. However, what if at your deepest core there is nothing wrong with you? Imagine how you would feel about yourself if you started to think this way, if you started to believe this way. I get it, Valentine's Day can seem like a crock of shit. Ask yourself, really ask yourself, am I not worth the love I project onto others? Am I not worth more than what I am giving myself? Work on being a better version of yourself every day no matter how little you think the changes are. You are worth it.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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