Living Life With Purpose

Updated: Jan 27

Well, Wednesday has punched with a tenacious fury -- wide eyed and full of excitement and ego. I read before that life needs to be lived with purpose (really no shit, right?!) but how many of us can say that we do? How many of us can sit back and say “Yes, that is what I wanted to do”? Or, when the lights go out or we are dying, how many can look back and say "Ahhh, what a ride! I lived with purpose, I added something to the whole, I added to something other than to me."?

I can hear people saying "Oh god, Lucas! Why do you have to talk like that?" But really, did I add to the whole of the universe, did I add more to humanity or take away from it? Maybe I have done both, maybe, for me, that is living on purpose when you add to the whole. Funny, as a young person living in Ontario I never saw where this life was going to take me. I was too busy thinking "How am I going to make money to get stuff to have a life"? Funny, as you look back, life happens while you’re waiting on life to happen lol. I never really thought, as I was going through school in Peterbourgh, Ontario, that that would somehow lead me to Salmon Arm, BC some 22 years later or that I would have had the experience of working with thousands of individuals in the world. Some I helped and added to, and some I didn't help and took away from them. Or, that coaching minor sports for 11 years would add so much to my life and I think I may have added to their lives. For some, unfortunately, I was their last coach and did not add to their experience.

I guess what I have learned for myself, so far on lap 49, on this beautiful rock hurling through the star filled blackness, living life on purpose is just that -- you're living your life not someone else's, seeing where you have added and where you haven't to your life and to others, taking those ups with the downs, the ebbs and flows of it all and when its good its good, and when it’s what some call bad it’s still pretty fucking good.

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