Law of Attraction

It's always interesting thinking about things like the law of attraction like what the heck does that mean the law of attraction is it just a bunch of foo-foo blah blah stuff or is there something to it. I think there is something to it. I'm reading this book the essential law of attraction and I thought in reading it I would come to find that it was just a bunch of baloney. What I'm finding is that it makes a lot of sense. A statement says “ that which is like unto itself, is drawn.”

So from a therapy perspective, counseling, or coaching perspective, I would often see individuals who are quite anxious or depressed would somehow be surrounded by anxious or depressing situations. I would think to myself no wonder they're depressed I would be depressed too if I was dealing with all that. I noticed that the more they broke away or got away from those situations, their mood would improve, so the happier the situation got, the better their mood got. I mean it may seem stupid but for me, it started to hit home what you think about, you bring about.

I mean you know people, you know the ones they always seem happy they seem content there is an energy about them they seem good and when you talk to them they are positive they are optimistic they are centered and even if something is not going well they don't even label it as not going well they label it as an opportunity as a chance to grow. Then there are the other people you know the ones I'm talking about their miserable, they never want to do anything the glass is always half empty and the part that's in the glass is not the part they want, LOL, you know that person nothing is ever good or right And they would seem to attract more negativity more of what they didn't want. I mean I have been that person, miserable, and I just attracted more misery more shit I didn’t want.

So what I learned is to change the thought, change your response to the situation, will it work right away not always but what it does is it starts opening up other possibilities.

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