I practice being grateful every day but some days I fail miserably at it. I have heard from individuals I am not being grateful for all the shit I have been through, and I am not doing it, I am just not doing it, okay then don’t, that’s fine you do you.

Was it easy to start, fuck no, I still struggle sometimes, but I have experienced it working, not in the way you may think, not for the things I got but for the way I felt about myself and other people and situations When I start being grateful for the things in my life that bring me the feeling of happiness and contentment, joy, bliss, it makes sense pretty easy, when it hit me, was how when I am grateful to the things that brought me the feelings of sadness and frustration and anger or I was the one experiencing these feelings or thoughts the began to disappear or dissipate, funny how that happens eh, grateful for the good and the bad or what I deem good and bad, but maybe that is for another blog?It is Its okay I never believed it either till I started doing it every morning before I get out of bed and every night before I tangle with fallen asleep, another blog.

What I do, and like I said, you do you is I list 10 things in my head so sometimes it could be 9 or 12 sometimes I lose count not looking for perfection here, the things I am grateful for each morning and before bed, pretty simple right, my health, even with diabetes, high cholesterol and hypertension, I am grateful for my health even with some of that shit lingering around I am grateful for my family and friends, my company, my clients, my apartment, my furniture, the food in the fridge and the freezer, hot water, my kids, the abundance I have received in this lifetime to date, I find things to be grateful for. At first, I noticed nothing, really nothing changed and I read all the self-help books etc. and they all said the same dame fucking thing practice gratitude, I really thought well fuck it cant hurt right , they are saying the same thing and they cant be all wrong and I know I am not always right lol.

I can hear it now , Luc those are easy things to be grateful for , well that’s where the real practicing this gratitude shit comes in, with my kids , well there great shocking right , well let me tell you there are things they do that just chap my ass I mean really just fucking send me lol come on I know there parents reading this are like well okay I might not use those words to describe it but yes Luc they chap my butt . Right these little humans or big humans now how dare they do things that really piss me off , then it changes a little chuckle here and there and you discover why your grateful for them in your life , even through the chaos you find reasons , sometimes in the chaos we find the reasons to be really grateful for them and to them , it can be tough but its there .That is just an example of finding gratitude , everyone’s situations is different but its there .

So finally here is where it got really interesting for me I was reading one of the many spiritual books I have consumed I think it was think and grow rich and he talked about gratitude morning and night and then he thinks of three people or situations that really send you over the edge , you know the ones, that in law , that ex , that old employer , that currant partner , you know the one , it just gets ya ever time , you got it , now send them gratitude with love and light , with prayer , with whatever it is you do send it to them , when I first heard this I was like fuck that I am not sending so and so gratitude with love and light they don’t fucking deserve it , they are still doing it . Well the one thing I know about change is you have to start somewhere , so I thought yes well I will send this to my ------ they will change I know they will and nothing , nothing happened , again still nothing , then again , and again and again , then I noticed something , they where not changing but I was changing how I felt about them , I wasn’t so angry , I wasn’t so hurt , I was seeing what I was grateful for with them, in them , you did read the again and again and again part right , did not just happened . I began to see that I was not focused on the reaction anymore I was focusing on the response from me towards them that was making me feel better, I was responding different and feeling differently. Who knew as they say, an attitude of gratitude could make such a difference? I mean what can it hurt to be grateful for all of the people, or situations in your life including yourself as your pretty fucking awesome.

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