Get Going or Not!!

Updated: Jan 27

Well, it’s Monday, whoo hoo, or boo hoo, you decide. I was thinking this morning, what keeps people from embracing their best self, their best self, not someone else’s? Then it hit me -- what keeps me from making changes? Well, fear for sure: fear of change, fear of loss, fear of pain, fear of doing all these things, and the ultimate fear, what if I fail. OMG another fail!

FEAR OF CHANGE: What will happen if I change? I don’t know the outcome, stuck right there eh! I do get stuck in the outcome before I have even started. What is this belief of outcome I already have made in my mind before I even try to change -- it won’t work, it won’t change blah, blah, blah? I have a million thoughts, all fear based, as to why I should not start but I only have a few reasons to start, or, really just one and that is if I want to be different, I have to do different. It’s pretty simple but I, and we, love to make it not so easy. The devil you know is easier, safer than the devil we don’t know.

FEAR OF LOSS: I am going to lose my comfort zone, When I resigned my very nice comfortable well paying government job, boy oh boy was I shitting bricks. Really the loss of certainty can be one of the most debilitating thoughts we can have. One thing that helps me is the “What if…?”, “What if I leave and I get to really embrace my passion?”, “What if I do this and I have more time with my family?”, “What if…?”. What if is a very powerful belief and thought process. Yes, I can hear it well “Lucas, what if it doesn’t?” To that I would say it sounds like you haven’t decided for yourself to hang out with a different thought process or a different devil lol… ahh crap eh, it’s on us to do it.

FEAR OF PAIN: I have often wondered why I, or we, can actually think we can change without experiencing pain? That we can make a change with no sacrifice? You mean I may have to give something up???? Like wanting to be healthier but not making any changes to your diet, starting a new business without having any days that you may not know where, or how, you’re going to pay rent. Or to start doing a weight training program and think its not going to hurt. Face it, you are going to be sore, you are going to have to push through to get new results, gain new experiences. I have heard the phrase “embrace the suck” this period only lasts a short time and then, when you have actually accomplished it, the feeling is amazing, but we have to actually go there to in order to get through YOUR COMFORT ZONE.

FEAR OF FAILURE: This can be a hard one. I know for me this is the one thing that has kept me from changing at times, “What if I fail?”, “Oh no, people are going to talk about me.” “Oh look, he did this and it’s shit! Lol” But whose change am I working towards – theirs, or mine? People will always judge us there is no way around it. It can be hard to see a negative judgement towards us as not being a failure but what I have found is that even if I am failing, I am learning and when I am not taking risks, I am just staying the same.

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