Energy Flows To Where Your Attention Goes

So I was thinking what is one thing I can talk about today that some may not know, or they know but don’t want to admit it lol. Well, I feel we hold all the power in making changes in our life, it may not seem that way, but it is hard to not see it when you break it down to the facts of the situation. I find this is what I spend a great deal of time doing is showing people in some way they hold the power to a better life.

I hear many a time I want the power back to do this, to set these boundaries, to stand up for myself, to respond rather than react, get a better job, be a better communicator, well I think the power you talk about or I talk about has never left, you just forgot how to use it or do not see it there to use, or for many of us, we are scared shitless to use it. I say this as taking the power of your life means taking responsibility. For some of us, we have never been shown or encouraged to take responsibility for ourselves and our behaviors.

This is usually the point when people look at me like I am crazy or that what the fuck do you know Luc you never had hard times (that is my personal favorite) lol, moving on. Imagine when you realize you have been sitting with something you could have changed all along but you didn’t, I mean, of course, you need to be shown but once you are shown you need to do it repeatedly. An important note here changes do not mean easy times, for a lot of people including myself it means challenging times, discomfort, most of all getting comfortable being uncomfortable.

The repeatedly part is what can shut some individuals down, the thought that they need to keep practicing setting boundaries, responding rather than reacting, at times can seem overwhelming but it needs to be worked on, it like any skill the more you use the easier it is and the less you use it well, it just gets harder again to access that skill.

For me, I realized that when I changed the way I looked at setting boundaries for myself and acknowledging my worth, it came less like a chore and more of a way to see I had control over some things ( a lot of things) in my life and for me, that was the game-changer. Does that mean I don’t fuck up, no I fuck up regularly, but it means that when I do I have a starting point and an idea of where to place my attention, Energy Flows To Where Your Attention Goes?

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