Control what you can Control

So was thinking about what to write about today, and this amazing person in my life gave me a great idea. Luc talk about how you talked to younger athletes about Mindset this year during their sporting events.

How can Mindset help you with sports training or coaching? Well, when you start explaining to your athletes that they can only control what they can control, usually a light goes off for them and they begin to get it, for some athletes it’s once or twice you have to say this, and for others, it’s a few thousand times and some won’t get it and that is okay as well, I know some may think well you can’t teach this to younger athletes well you can, especially if you subscribed to it as well ( control what you can control), this is not all there is about Mindset but it can be a more effective place to start then perhaps talking about flow or getting into the zone.

This year, I knew there was not a whole lot I could offer in the form of physical stuff, but I thought I could offer some of the things I have worked on for myself and with clients for the last zillion years that may be helpful.

Did I start preaching Mindset, Mindset with the kids right away nope, I watched and learned and began to see patterns with the athletes. I was not surprised at what I saw because I have done these behaviors as well when I played sports and coached. The one area to focus on is when you are participating in an event you have no control over how a referee or umpire, or judge makes a call for you or against you or your team The young athlete or coach on the bench or playing field is not helping to state to the officials are you blind, did you see what that person did to me, is any of those things going to change what they have called, will your judgments magically change there mind. I know we may believe it will and I am sure there are times when a call has been made and it was overturned.

What I am talking about is coaching them and showing them how to work on their response rather than reaction, yes as coaches we need to work on this as well, I have done this many a time when I have been very reactive and didn’t check my emotions and it has always been a bad decision and bad outcome.

When talking to these athletes it is almost like a mantra over and over-control what you can control, what is it you can control well behaviors, such as effort, practicing skills, positive view of other team members and opponents, a big one how they view making a mistake or someone else making a mistake. Things change when you teach them to respond to these situations rather than react. If you can teach your whole coaching staff and even with the parent, things just start to come together.

Control what you can control.

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